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Super Lit Keto Vegan Japanese Sesame Sauce

  • Multi-purpose Japanese Sesame Sauce

    Made with carefully selected keto-friendly ingredients, natural and healthy!

    Vegan-grade sauce that tastes even better than regular sesame sauce!

    The combination of "additive-free sesame sauce" with almond milk, Himalayan pink rock salt, and keto-friendly soy sauce.

    Healthy good fats: Extra virgin olive oil + coconut oil.

    Natural sweetness from zero-calorie erythritol, a red algae sugar alcohol.

    Comprehensive health indicators: No trans fats, no cholesterol, low sugar (no added sugar).

    Suitable for keto, low-carb, low-calorie, and vegan diets.

    Easy to use as salad dressing, for tossing noodles (cold udon, cold noodles), hot pot sauce, cold dishes, various dipping sauces, sandwiches/burgers, and more.

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